GameDevDays 2018

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Why you should consider participating?

1. Our conference is focused on bringing together developers with publishers and investors. Local studios don’t travel a lot to larger events like Casual Connect or White Nights, but they gladly attend a conference next to their doorstep.
If your goal is to meet new people and get new ideas, this is the right place.

2. Hiring opportunities. If you’re looking for talent, then Estonia is the best to look at. We are worldwide famous for our IT specialists, who developed such services as Skype, TransferWise and Taxify. At GameDev Days we offer a free to use career stand where you can place your hiring ads.

3. A place where you can openly talk to people and share your ideas. We provide a variety of networking opportunities, therein dedicated meeting spaces where you can privately talk over a cup of coffee, meeting system (unlimited for Business pass owners) and afterwork events.


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